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Who "Voted Down" the Law on Extractive Industries Transparency

09 March 2017Last week, a probable sale of a stake of Devon to a Russian businessman Pavel Fux and non-renewal of two special permits for subsoil use of Evraz Sukha Balka were revealed. These companies are among those who ignored the submission of information under the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), including information involving the disclosure of final beneficial owners.

Mariia Melnyk

‘OPAL’ of Discord. Why the EU supports Gazprom’s anti-Ukrainian plans?

10 November 2016The recent decision of the European Commission allowing Gazprom to use more capacity of the German OPAL pipeline has created a swirl in media. Due to this decision, Russia will be able to supply more gas through the Nord Streampipeline and less through the Ukrainian gas transmission system.

Mariia Melnyk

Sustainable Legal Framework to Regulate Transparency in Extractive Industries as a Basis for Establishing a Dialogue and Raising Investments

08 August 2016The “offshore” scandal, the notorious investigation of Onyshchenko case and the recent decision on the investor in Yuzivska field much increased the importance of ensuring transparency in the extractive business.

Mariia Melnyk
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Weekly analytical report: October 16 - October 22

24 October 2017 року

In this issue:    - Ukraine’s chances to impact the Nord Stream 2 realization will be higher if the real progress in...

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